Sencha Premium

Sencha is a simmered tea, and is by far the most popular Japanese tea representing 80% of the tea produced in Japan.  Sencha is known as a “light” tea, as opposed to “covered” teas such as Gyokuro and Matcha.  Due to the fact that it is grown under the sun, it is rich in Vitamin C, Catechins, and other vitamins and minerals.  Sencha has a fresh grassy flavor with a hint of sharpness, has a slight note of sweetness, and is considered to be an everyday tea.

Finest Sencha

Our premium grade Sencha is one of the finest that the year 2013 has to offer.  As a first flush (ichibancha shincha) .  This Sencha is full body, rich in flavor, and has a splendid aroma.

This is a great tea especially for those mornings that you need an extra smile on your face, and/or for those moments that you need to take a deep breath and relax.  Take one sip, and you will understand why.

Sencha and its Health Benefits

Sencha has many health benefits that are well documented.  One of these benefits includes increasing the alpha wave brain activity.  The alpha waves occur when one is calm and relaxed, and assists in reducing stress and increasing your memory capacity.  Studies have shown that such brain activities increase roughly 40 min after drinking a cup of green tea. So, if you ever wondered when is the best time to drink Sencha, 40 min or so before work, school, or studies may be the key.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay bag




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Additional Information

There are 3 ways to enjoy this Sencha.

One, is for casual drinking, in where you 1) put 9g of tea leaves for a serving of 3 (180ml (6.09oz) of water) into your tea pot, 2) pour boiling water into the cups, 3) wait for 10 to 15 seconds, then pour the content of the cups into the tea pot. Brew time is 60 seconds. Make sure you pour all of the tea into the cups, including the last drop!

To enjoy the full potential of Sencha in the Sencha ceremony style (*note there are many styles, and this is only one of them),1) use a smaller teapot and smaller cups. Use 6g of tealeaves for a serving of three, 2) use 75ml (2.53oz) of hot water cooled to 70℃ (158ºF), and 3) brew for 60 to 70 seconds.

The 3rd way, is a summer treat. Use 6g of tealeaves in a smaller Kyusu (teapot), and then fill the kyusu with ice (for good ice, boil water for 5 min, cool it, and make the ice cubes using that water). Make sure you pack as much ice in there as possible! Let the ice melt. Once most of the ice has melted, your tea is ready to drink (this will make two small servings).

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