Sencha Hojicha Premium

Hojicha, is roasted Japanese tea.  Hojicha (also spelled Houjicha), is refreshing, toasty, nutty, earthy and somewhat caramelly and at times smoky, and is one of the most favored teas for after a meal.  The caffeine quantity is the lowest out of all Japanese teas, and is considered suitable for even small children, or for drinking a late night cup of tea.

Finest Hojicha from Sencha Leaves

Our premium Sencha Hojicha is made with only the finest of Sencha leaves and stems, with the addition of Matcha stems for great aroma.  Due to the fact that it is made from Sencha leaves, this Hojicha is high in Catechin, and is full of beneficial minerals and vitamins.

This is an every day tea, highly recommended for after meals, or as a “nightcap tea” before you go to bed.

Freshest possible Hojicha

At Matabay, in order to keep your Hojicha at the freshest possible state, we have packaged the leaves in small amounts.  This way, each bag of Hojicha you open, is a blast of freshness to the very last drop!

Amount: 80g (2.82oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

Preparing Hojicha is probably the most casual of all. Hojicha is a is not a “tightly packed” tea, so it may look as if you are putting twice as much tealeaves in the pot, but due to the fact that it is light in weight (about half the weight of Sencha), don’t be shy in using a nice heap. To make a pot for 4 or 5, use 3 large teaspoons worth of Hojicha. Use boiling water, and feel free to pour it directly onto the tealeaves. Brew time is 30 seconds.

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