Kabuse Konacha Superior

Konacha is a by-product that is born from the processing of Japanese tea. Although not a fine powder like Matcha, Konacha is made of the tea dust and tea flakes that fall off the leaf while processing the teas.  Due to the fact that Konacha is composed of tea dust and small flakes, the tea is quickly absorbed into the hot water, and is what is used in most Sushi restaurants.

Sweet and Mellow Kabuse Konacha

Our Kabuse Konacha uses Kabuse (shaded) leaves, and has a sweet and mellow flavor.  Being Konacha, the tea is strong and bold, rich in flavor, and full of all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that you find in green tea.

The reason this tea is favored in the Sushi restaurants, is because of its super quick brew time, its easy handling, and because of its refreshing, yet strong flavor that  in preparation for the next sushi.

Cheaper than Full Tea Leaves

Due to the fact that this tea is a by-product, it is considerably cheaper than the full leaves, yet is often easier to find good konacha than it is to find good full leaf teas.

The only drawback is that the entire flavor is “used up” in the first infusion, and it leaves very little left for a second or third infusion.  On the other hand, all the goodness is packed into the first infusion so is great for tea on the go!

Amount: 200g (7.04oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

Preparation is simple. Use 6g (1 ½ large teaspoon) of tea to 300cc (or 3g to 150 cc if you are brewing for 1) of hot water at 70℃ (158ºF). Pour water directly on the tealeaves, and wait 30 seconds. You may want to have an extra strain ready to pour the tea in your cups, unless that is, you don’t mind lots of leaf in your tea.

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