Matcha – Usu-cha Super Premium

Uji, Kyoto is known for the absolute highest grade Matcha in Japan, and no other region can even come close to claiming that they produce a Matcha that rivals even a middle grade Matcha from Uji.  The art of growing Matcha was developed here in Uji, and is the closest kept secret around.

Usucha thin Japanese green Tea

Matcha in general is divided into 3 categories.  Koi-cha (thick tea), Usu-cha (thin tea), and Cooking Matcha.  Usu-cha, or sometimes known as ousu, is often used for tea ceremony, is used when serving to guests, and is what is served in the Zen Temples.  Usu-cha is not intended for “thick” bowls of Matcha, but rather for the “lighter” bowls of Matcha, and is quite often preferred by those who drink Matcha daily.

Highest Grade of Usu-cha

Our super premium Usu-cha is what one may consider a “borderline koi-cha”, and is the highest grade of Usu-cha available.  It is naturally sweet, mellow, does not have the bitterness found in lower grade Matcha, and is a beautiful deep green.  Often, you will find this grade of Usu-cha sold as high class Matcha, or as “Koi-cha”, and in reality, unless you know your Matcha, or have tasted the most exquisite Matcha in the past, it would be hard to instantly taste the difference.  It is that smooth, and has all of the fine qualities that a high class Matcha should have.

Green Tea for any occasion

This tea is for tea ceremony, for serving to guests, or for a fine cup for you yourself.  This Matcha could be used for a Koi-cha, but is best as an Usu-cha.  Also, although it could be used in cooking, or for other Matcha beverages, a much lower grade Matcha would suffice for that, and you would not be able to enjoy the full potential of this fine tea.



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