Matcha Pinnacle

Uji, Kyoto is known for the absolute highest grade Matcha in Japan, and no other region can even come close to claiming that they produce a Matcha that rivals even a middle grade Matcha from Uji.  The art of growing Matcha was developed here in Uji, and is the closest kept secret around.

Matabay specializes exclusively in growing high quality Matcha.  In short, we know our Matcha.

Pinnacle grade Matcha Green Tea

Our hand picked Pinnacle grade Matcha is a Matcha that can be rivaled by none.  Unlike some other Japanese teas, Matcha is a blended tea.  First, the base tealeaf is selected, then only the finest leaves from the finest plantations are hand selected for their color, aroma, flavor, and then blended to create a tea that is then ranked by its price and availability.  This blend represents the absolute top of the Matcha hierarchy, hands down, no questions asked

Matcha for Grand Masters of Tea Ceremony

This Matcha, although quite expensive, is actually considered cheap compared to the effort associated in producing such a tea, and is favored especially by the grand masters of tea ceremony and those exclusive few that enjoy the fine art of only the finest Matcha.

The flavor, the color, the aroma, and the sweetness of this Matcha is simply unsurpassed.  As this tea is a  Koi-cha (thick tea), this can be used either as a Koi-cha, or as an amazing Usu-cha.

As the price may represent, this is in no way an everyday tea, and is for special occasions, or as special gifts in where quality does matter.  This is not a tea to use for cooking, or to casually blend into other teas, and is recommended only for those who are experienced in Matcha.

Limited Supply Green Tea

We are proud to be able to present you with this tea, which is very, very limited in supply even in Japan, and hope you will enjoy the heavenly flavor that this tea has to offer.

Amount: 40g (1.41oz)
Container: Custom Matabay Steel Container




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