Gyokuro Premium

Gyokuro Tea is considered to be the highest grade of Japanese tea, and is actually put into a category of itself, not to be judged in contests along with other Japanese teas.  The name Gyokuro means “Jade dew”, and is not only farmed differently than Sencha, but prepared and served differently than other Japanese teas.

Premium grade Gyokuro Tea

Our Premium grade Gyokuro, could be considered to be an every day tea, if you consider a 4 star hotel an “every day hotel”.  While maintaining the deep sweetness and mellowness, the body is slightly lighter than of the Pinnacle or Super Premium grade Gyokuro tea that we offer.  Don’t be fooled by the grade though.  This is the light weight champion of Gyokuro, and it packs a punch that lasts all the way through the 3rd infusion.

Sweet Mellowness of Gyokuro

This could be considered an every day tea for those who like the sweet mellowness of Gyokuro, but are not satisfied with the average Gyokuro that you will find in most tea shops.  Highly recommended for drinking with friends and family, and a great introductory Gyokuro for those who are developing a taste for green tea.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

Do not brew or prepare the same as regular Sencha. Water should be no hotter than 60℃ (140ºF), brew time is 120 to 150 seconds, and you should only use 20 to 25ml of water per serving. Consume in small sips. Use 10g for serving 3 cups (20ml x 3), or 4 to 5grams, if just making one. For second and third infusions, use hotter water, and a shorter (40 to 50 seconds) brew time.

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