Genmaicha with Gyokuro Superior

Genmaicha, sometimes known as “popcorn tea” is a blend between green tea and roasted and popped rice.  It is a perfect breakfast tea, and is often favored for later in the evening because of its mellow, yet toasty flavor.

Our Genmaicha with Gyokuro brings a unique quality to Genmaicha, which is usually based off of Sencha.  The Gyokuro added to the mix brings the sweetness into the picture, enhancing the aroma and flavor of the roasted grains.  This tea is full flavored with a wonderful aroma, and is as smooth as silk.

Genmaicha & Gyokuro Japanese Tea Blend

Traditionally, Genmaicha was considered to be a “poor man’s tea”.  The puffed rice was used as a “filler” to keep the price down.  Often made with nibancha or sanbancha (2nd and 3rd harvest teas), it is still considered by many to be a “cheap tea”.  However, all Genmaicha’s at Matabay are made from first flush tea leaves, which add a splendid freshness to the mix, and is a favorite amongst those who love Gemnaicha for its flavor and aroma.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

To make a pot for 5, use 3 large teaspoons worth of Genmaicha. Use slightly cooled boiling water (80℃ (176ºF) to 90℃ (194ºF)) and feel free to pour it directly onto the tealeaves. Brew time is 40 to 45 seconds. Please note that you can also use boiling water, which assists in enhancing the aroma (in which case the brew time would be 30 to 40 seconds). Use slightly lower water temperature if you would rather bring the sweetness of the Gyokuro to the front.

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