Fukamushi Sencha Premium

Fukamushi Sencha is Sencha that goes through a “deep steaming” process.  In general, mid to lower grade Sencha is used in the process.  By deep steaming the Sencha, the tealeaves break, causing fewer whole leaves, with smaller bits of “broken” tea, meaning the leaf itself is not as good looking as Sencha.  Although this may seem counter productive, the results are quite positive.  Because the tealeaves are “broken”, the tea is absorbed faster, the taste is richer than that of Sencha of the same grade, more full-bodied, and the color of the tea is much deeper.

 Our Premium Fukamushi Sencha does not use the middle to lower grade tealeaves, but instead uses young tealeaves specially grown to produce this outstanding blend of Fukamushi Sencha.    The taste is full body, mellow and sweet, with an aroma that is ever so fresh but not too grassy.  In fact, it reminds many of the ocean more than of the grassy hills.

This is an excellent tea for everyday drinking, and is a high value for price item.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

For preparation of Fukamushi sencha, use 2g to 3g of tea per serving (7g or so for a serving of 3, and 4g if you are brewing for 1), and use hot water that is cooled to 70℃ (158ºF) for the best results. The easiest way to brew the perfect pot for 2, is to have 3 tea cups ready. Pour boiling water into the first cup. Make sure you pour to the rim, because you will be sharing the water between the 2 cups (the actual tea should be roughly half a cup in a standard size Japanese teacup). Then pour the contents into cup 2, and then from cup 2 to cup 3, and finally from cup 3 into the teapot. This should bring the temperature down to 70℃ (158ºF). Brew time is 30 to 40 seconds. For the 2nd infusion, use hotter water, and keep the brew time to 25 to 30 seconds.

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