Kukicha with Matcha Superior

Karigane tea is a tea made out of the stems and veins of the tea leaves and is a by-product of making Gyokuro and Sencha.  However, this “by-product” is nothing to mock.  The stems contain a higher dosage of Theanin, and Theanin is the amino acid that adds the aroma, the sweet flavor, and the calming effect of tea.  Karigane, is also known by the name Kukicha, which is literally translated “stem tea”.  Although the word Kukicha is often associated with the lower grade Karigane, that is not why we named this tea Kukicha.  The reason is because this tea is a blend of various high-quality stems, with the addition of Matcha, and is not a "pure" Karigane.

Amazing Kukicha Blend in one cup

Our Kukicha with Matcha, is an amazing blend that brings the best of all the worlds into one cup.  It is deep, yet light, sweet, yet has a hint of tanginess, and is a delicate harmony of flavor, with a mellowness that will make you smile.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy Karigane, but want a little something different.  This is a great value product, not to say that it is a “cheap tea”, but meaning that the only way the price could remain so low is because it is made out of the stem, and not the leaves of some of the best teas out there.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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