Karigane Super Premium

Karigane tea is a tea made out of the stems and veins of the tealeaves and is a by-product of making Gyokuro and/or Sencha.  However, this “by-product” is nothing to mock.  The stems contain a higher dosage of Theanin, and Theanin is the amino acid that adds the aroma, the sweet flavor, and the calming effect of tea.  The result is a splendid harmony of rich flavor and sweetness.

Karigane Tea Premium Grade

Our super premium grade Karigane is made exclusively from high quality Gyokuro.  The sweetness is outstanding, and although a slightly “lighter” tea then the actual Gyokuro, it packs a different brand of magic.

Super premium grade Karigane can be considered an every day tea, especially for those who are in love with Gyokuro.  This is due to the fact that it is a by-product; the price is considerably lower, even if the highest quality Gyokuro stems are used.  This is why Karigane is often the tea of choice for those who are addicted to Gyokuro, but are looking for an affordable alternative.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

Prepare as if you were preparing Gyokuro, but with more water (180ml (6.09oz) of water for 3 cups). Use 3g of tea per serving (9g for a serving of 3, and 4g to 5g if you are brewing for 1. The key is to use hot water that is cooled to 60℃ (140ºF) for the best results. Brew time is between 120 to 140 seconds. Remember, amino acids seep into the tea when brewed at a lower temperature, so the cooler water brings a sweeter flavor.

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