Kabuse Super Premium

Kabuse tea, is almost a cross between Sencha and Gyokuro.  Kabuse tea is technically a “shaded” tea.  The tea trees are covered 2 weeks or so before  time using hay (traditionally), or a dark mesh sheet, creating a beautiful balance between Sencha and Gyokuro.

Kabuse Tea a Combined Quality

Kabuse tea is a wonderful tea that has the combined qualities of 2 of the finest teas of Japan, has a slight hint of fresh grassiness found in Sencha, but also has the deep mellowness and sweetness found in Gyokuro.  Although considered a lower grade tea compared to Gyokuro, many tea fans go straight for Kabuse tea to get the best of both worlds in one cup, and it is a favored tea by many!

Our Kabuse tea is a treat to your taste buds, and is great for an every day tea.

Amount: 100g (3.52oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

There are 2 ways to enjoy Kabuse Tea, and both are enjoyable. By preparing it with water heated to 55℃ (132ºF) and brewing it for 90 seconds to 120 seconds, the tea shows its Gyokuro qualities of a deep mellowness with sweetness. If prepared like Sencha with water heated to 85℃ (185ºF) and brew time limited to 50 to 60 seconds, you get the sweet freshness and sharp qualities of Sencha.

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