Farmers Blend Premium

The process of making Sencha is a 5-step process,

  1. Steaming
  2. Cooling while Drying
  3. Shaping
  4. Sorting leaves and stems, and
  5. Drying

The “Farmers blend”, otherwise known as Sobokucha (simple tea) and/or Aracha (or rough tea), skips step 4 and 5, and is what many of the tea farmers drink.  Why do tea farmers drink Sobokucha?  The reason is simple.  This is as far as a tea will be processed before the tea blenders blend it, and is the only way you will know the full potential of the leaf.  So, how does a farmer enjoy the tea leaves that he made?  Sobokucha is the answer.

Japanese tea for tea farmers

Sobokucha is a bold tea.  It includes both the stem and the leaf, has down to earth natural flavor, and is quite different compared to anything else out there.

This tea is very casual, and is favored by those who like the simplicity and the bold harmony that Sobokucha offers.  Perfect for everyday drinking, and is often favorited by die hard tea lovers.

Amount: 160g (5.64oz)
Container: Matabay Bag



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Additional Information

Prepare as if you were preparing Sencha. Use 2g to 3g of tea per serving (8g to 9g for a serving of 3, and 4g if you are brewing for 1), and use hot water (180ml (6.09oz) of water for 3 cups) that is cooled to 70℃ (158ºF) to 80℃ (176ºF) for the best results. Brew time is between 60 to 90 seconds.

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