Matcha – Usucha Premium

Uji, Kyoto is known for the absolute highest grade Matcha in Japan, and no other region can even come close to claiming that they produce a Matcha that rivals even a middle grade Matcha from Uji.  The art of growing green tea was developed here in Uji, and is the closest kept secret around.

Lighter Green tea Usucha

Green tea in general is divided into 3 categories; Koi-cha (thick tea), Usu-cha (thin tea), and Cooking Matcha.  Usucha, or sometimes known as ousu, is used for tea ceremony, is used when serving Matcha to guests, and is the Matchat that is served in the Zen Temples.  Usucha is not intended for “thick” bowls of Matcha, but rather for the “lighter” bowls of Matcha, and is quite often preferred by those who drink Matcha daily.

Affordable Usucha

Our premium grade Usucha, is a great option for those who want to enjoy an affordable, yet an extra delicious Matcha for tea ceremony or for a daily bowl of Matcha.  This blend is known for its sweetness, smoothness, mellowness, and its lightness.

In reality, this grade of green tea is often the highest grade of green tea that the average Japanese will encounter in his or her daily life, unless he or she attends formal tea ceremonies.

Higher Quality Mactha Usucha

Although you could possibly use this Matcha for cooking, if you choose to do so, save it for those special dishes that require an extra rich flavor with a deeper green.  Remember, this grade of Matcha, although mid-grade, is considered to be quite an outstanding blend for drinking, and may be a higher quality Matcha then the “high-class” Matcha that you can find locally!


Amount: 40g (1.41oz)

Container: Steel Container



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