Gyokuro Tea bags

Matabay’s tea bags combine the flavor and aroma of the finest Japanese teas along with the convenience of use of pyramid tea bags, but are not to be confused with any other “green tea tea bags” that you may find on the shelf of a supermarket.  Only the finest of the tea leaves are selected, which are then processed especially for tea bags so that each brew will be perfect.  No need for formal tea ware, and no mess involved.  Perfect for use in the office, for travel, or for when you just want a quick cup of some good green tea.

You may find that tea brewed using our teabags will be far superior to any other green tea you can get locally.  Yes, they are that good.

These tea bags are designed for making hot green tea AND cold tea.  For cold tea, you just put the teabag in a tall glass, pour water, stir the teabag around for 20 to 30 seconds, add some ice cubes, and it is ready.

The Gyokuro tea bags use high grade Uji Gyokuro that focus on the mellowness, sweetness, and aroma of the tea leaves.  Not as strong as some of the other Gyokuro teas, but is perfect for a casual cup of Gyokuro.  If you have never had Gyokuro before, or would rather avoid the high prices of the higher grade Gyokuro’s, this is a great place to start.  This is a high value item, and highly recommended.

Amount: 5g x 15 tea bags

Container: Resealable Aluminum Pouch



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