Matabay tea from Uji (Kyoto), Japan, was founded by Horii Matabei in 1887. With over 126 years of history in making some of the best tealeaves known to Japan, Matabay is opening its doors to tea lovers worldwide.

If you think you know Japanese tea, you may want to think twice. Take a sip of our finest Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, or Hojicha, and you will find a world of difference. If you know Japanese tea, you are guaranteed to agree that the teas we have to offer are simply outstanding. However, here are some words of advise to those who try our tea. One sip and there is no going back.

The quality, the taste, the smoothness, the aroma, and the freshness is so outstanding, that you will have a hard time finding teas finer than this anywhere else.